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Proactivhealth Ltd is a service provider specialising in the delivery of high quality Healthcare Services.

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Information Management

The dedicated clinic management system that we use at Proactivhealth Ltd is a leading software package for effective management and administration. The use of this well-established system provides a platform for essential and accurate communication in a secure manner.

Evidence Based

Our clinical strategy is based on evidence based treatment models. Our clinical researchers utilise the best available evidence to support our principles and therapeutic management. By integrating clinical expertise, implementing the most effective recent research pathways, incorporating individual patient values and preferences, we ensure optimum treatment and care is provided. Our therapies are based on the latest high quality evidence and resources in physiotherapy, medicine and psychology.

Commitment to Quality

We are committed to providing quality service to patients and we therefore conduct regular audits to ensure that clinical practices are regularly monitored, and that deficiencies in relation to set standards of care are flagged and remedied. We rely on the use of advanced technology which allows us to quickly compile audit reports on treatment and intervention outcomes. This allows us to make appropriate clinical decisions and recognise potential problems, such as lower than expected performance or inappropriate practices.

Clinical effectivness

Evidence based treatment models provided  by Proactivhealth Ltd provides patients   with optimum intervention for specific conditions.

Recognised standards

Our governance is based on the principles of the internationally recognised governing bodies for example such as the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT), the Chartered Society of Physiotherapist (CSP), the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) and we ensure that our practitioners adhere to those standards.

Nationwide networks​

We have a quality assured extended network of  clinics across the country. Our multidisciplinary team of experienced clinicians deliver therapeutic managements across the UK which are developed to  treat individuals even in the most remote locations without  delay thus expanding continuity of care to people  with disabling conditions.


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At Proactivhealth we  provide an Acupuncture therapy for individuals.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

At Proactivhealth, we provide  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  for patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following the adverse events in their life. Our CBT therapy is the recommended treatment for depression by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, with particularly good results for cases of mild and moderate depression.

Domiciliary Physiotherapy

At Proactivhealth we  provide a home-based Physiotherapy  service for people who  are housebound or simply prefer a domiciliary visit .

Early Intervention and Triage (Premedicals)

At Proactivhealth  we provide early invention and triage for  individuals with musculoskeletal  conditions and  we are confident that we can assist individuals to make the first steps to recovery and get their life back to normal.

Elderly Physiotherapy

We provide care for the elderly people who struggle with mobility at their own home. At Proactivhealth we  help them to restore and maintain their independence and confidence and improve quality of life in their own homes and communities.

Long Term Neurological Condition Physiotherapy

At Proactivhealth we provide treatments and specialised management for individuals with a  long term neurological condition such us MS.  We provide care for them at home and  enable them to  return to daily activities .

Medico - Legal Reports

At Proactivhealth we provide a nationwide coverage of experienced medico legal experts who provide a high quality reports within own expertise.

Neurological rehabilitation

At Proactivhealth we provide a specialised treatments  for people who sustained a stroke or TIA  by helping them to restore independence and confidence and improve quality of life.

Occupational Health

At Proactivhealth we conduct specialist home environmental assessments  for individuals who requires any  equipment  and adaption at home due to their disabling condition.

Outpatient Physiotherapy

We have an extended network of  clinics across the country where  we offer assessments and treatments to people who prefer to have their treatment in the clinic.  In such case individual is treated  in the clinic chosen by the themselves.

Psychiatrists Assesment

We provide a psychiatric assessments to gather information about a person within a psychiatric service, with the view of making a diagnosis and recommend accurate treatment.

Psychological Assesment

At Proactivhealth our highly experienced practitioners  offer Psychological assessment to help establish hypotheses about a individual  and their behavior, personality and capabilities.


At Proactivhealth we provide access to the physiotherapist as required. In such case  individual has contact with their Physiotherapist and receives their treatment at the location chosen by the individual themselves.

Sports Injuries

We  provide specialist treatments  for people who sustained a sport injury. We help to regain their function and help return to the sport activities.

Triage and Assessment for Physiotherapy (Post Medicals)

At Proactivhealth we provide  specialised triage and  assessment for Physiotherapy for individuals who require  Physiotherapy treatments. In such case the individual  is a   subject to comprehensive assessment of their condition and the findings of assessment  are used  to make a clinical judgments regarding their needs and to establish the best treatment option.

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Kasia Ginalska

Specialist Physiotherapist

Dayanee Singh-Saini

Clinical Specialist and Case Management


Clinical Specialist and Quality Representative

‘Definitely broad team of multidisciplinary clinicians with considerable experience in provision of medico legal reports! Excellent  Service!’
We receive reports within two working days of the consultation or completion of the treatment. Great Service!
‘Excellent service! Thanks to Proactivhealth Our clients benefit from  fast and effective rehabilitation services!’