• 29/07/2015

Our statisticians have gathered and summarised the feedback from over 200 recently treated cases. The positive findings have been a great reward for our team of experienced practitioners and the source of motivation for further improvement. We are pleased to share them here:

  • Over 95% of cases claimed that the treatment was convenient for them and easy to follow.
  • 5% of our respondent’s agreed that they gained substantial knowledge about their condition, which led to better understanding of the injury sustained.
  • After treatment, over 88% individuals noted an improvement in condition. Even more significantly, 87.2% indicated that undertaking normal daily activities had become much easier.
  • At the end of the treatment, around 89% of the respondents felt confident to self-manage their condition by taking advantage  of the plan provided.
  • 4% of the respondents felt well supported by our team.


To know that our patients are happy with our service, is very satisfying and is a source of motivation for us, to continually improve and develop even further!

Check out, what our patients have told us about the Proactivhealth treatments and their outcomes…

“Really helped me with my neck injury”
H.M. from Leeds

“Was very helpful and convenient doing it online”
A.H. from Bradford

“The exercises have definitely helped with the stiffness in my neck, particularly when lying down on my side as that was one of the worst activities for me following the accident. I know now how to move it properly to help the pain. I am still tense when lifting at work but I have benefited from the physiotherapy sessions – thank you!”
H.M.S. from Leeds​

“My condition has greatly improved, thank you!”
N.L. from Bingley

“Great exercise programme and very simple to follow.”
S.P. from Harrow