Who we work with

We have been working for the insurance industry for several years and specialise in the provision of   fast and effective rehabilitation services to our corporate clients and their customers.

We offer tailored specialist treatment packages which are created to meet the requirements of both our clients and individuals. Our specialist treatments have proven to be cost-effective and of the highest quality, without incurring costly and unnecessary over-treatment.

Our services are commissioned across the following markets: Motor, Employers Liability, Public Liability, Private Medical Insurance, and Personal Injury.

We have considerable experience in the management and treatment of injuries sustained in accidents or through illness.

We understand the compensation claims process and Law firms that instruct us can benefit from specialised treatments which are developed to reduce waiting time for an appointment. We offer our   solicitors and their clients a clearly defined timescale of the proposed treatment which facilitates essential planning for the firm and their clients. We ordinarily produce reports within two working days of the consultation or completion of the treatment, depending on the nature of the report required.

At Proactivhealth we provide a nationwide coverage of experienced medico legal experts who provide a high quality reports within own expertise.

We are the first choice for  private and public companies. We provide programs to restore individuals   wellbeing, independence and improve their quality of life.

We have established ourselves at the forefront as a significant medico-leading company in the UK, and are always looking to form productive professional relationships with other major players in the market.

We have a broad based team of multidisciplinary clinicians who have considerable experience in provision of medico legal reports.

We ensure    a clearly defined timescale of the treatment, so there is as little impact as possible on the processing of claims.

Good communication is essential for building a strong professional relationship with our clients. We give our clients information to keep them updated on therapy progress  and our dedicated support team is always  able to answer queries where appropriate consent is provided.

Proactivhealth takes pride in the work it undertakes for local government and councils to help in the local communities and care homes.

Proactivhealth is keen to establish additional links with councils and similar entities.



‘Definitely broad team of multidisciplinary clinicians with considerable experience in provision of medico legal reports! Excellent  Service!’
We receive reports within two working days of the consultation or completion of the treatment. Great Service!
‘Excellent service! Thanks to Proactivhealth Our clients benefit from  fast and effective rehabilitation services!’