Innovation and Excellence Award 2017 in Physiotherapy Services

  • 04/12/2016


Congratulations to Proactivhealth Team for   receiving an Innovation and Excellence Award 2017. Proactivhealth has been successfully chosen due to its Innovation in Physiotherapy Services.

We were informed that this year there were an exceptional amount of nominations, providing strong competition in every category. The panel had the hard task of selecting those firms & professionals most worthy of an award. Over the past calendar year over 100,000 business professionals, the general public and the Corporate LiveWire subscribers were invited to nominate associations, companies & individuals based on their recent achievements.

The website is visited by around 50,000 readers every month and a weekly newsletter is sent to over 30,000 registered subscribers. The readers include business communities of CEOs , CFOs, MDs and directors of national and multinational firms and bankers brokers, consultants, lawyers.

Awards winners will be published in a hardback book, digital magazines and press releases which will be distributed to over 500,000 businesses and professionals around the world so keep your eyes open for that.

Kasia Czubak, Director of Proactivhealth, commented on the Innovation and Excellence Award for an Physiotherapy and said, “I am  so proud that the Proactivphysio Physiotherapy Solutions  has been awarded and it filled me  with extreme joy and pleasure. This award is a pay back for the amount of hard work our team put in in creating this program and I am more grateful that I had a pleasure to work with such a talented team of professionals. We thrive to achieve the best results which is powered through our passion for Physiotherapy and love for our patients. But this award is just the beginning of further glorious innovations which we will soon bring to the program.

Anna Damek added, “It was a great experience to work on the project and I am delighted that our hard work has paid off.  Team dedication and passion for the project has brought us here today and we will not stop to continuing to improve the service“.

“It all started from a short project”, says Piotr and he still remembers when approached by Ewa to start working on a proactivphysio project, “From day one, working with Kasia and her team, I realised how passionate the team is about the project and it kept me motivated to meet their requirements. They knew exactly what and how they want and we all built it from a blank page.  I am even more delighted that Proactivhealth Team has now been recognised for its hard work,  I know that the team’s  passion and drive for the project won’t stop on there and soon we will launch further innovations to the program.’