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At Proactivhealth we provide Acupuncture therapy for patients in cases where this is considered the optimum form of treatment or to complement other treatment methods.

At Proactivhealth, we provide  Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)  for patients who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder following the adverse events in their life. Our CBT therapy is the recommended treatment for depression by the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence, with particularly good results for cases of mild and moderate depression.

At Proactivhealth we  provide a home-based Physiotherapy  service for people who  are housebound or simply prefer a domiciliary visit .  This means that the individual  will get their treatment at  their own home with the guidance on how to manage their injury.

At Proactivhealth  we provide early invention and triage for  individuals with musculoskeletal  conditions and  we are confident that we can assist individuals to make the first steps to recovery and get their life back to normal.

We also orchestrate treatment for elderly people who struggle with mobility at home. The goal is to deliver treatments that help to maintain independence and confidence, leading to improved quality of life at home and in the community. Our treatments are beneficial for people with Parkinsons Disease, Dementia and general frailty. They have proven particularly beneficial and popular with Care/Residential Homes who value the well-being of their residents.


We also have in place treatment plans for individuals with a  long term neurological condition such as MS.  We can provide care in the home and  enable a  return to daily activities.

At Proactivhealth we provide a nationwide coverage of experienced medico legal experts who provide a high quality reports within own expertise.

At Proactivhealth we deliver a specialised therapeutic service for individuals  who  have sustained acute neurological injury (eg. stroke).

At Proactivhealth, we  offer a series of complimentary cosmetic treatments.
We offer the following treatments: derma fillers, anti wrinkle treatment, chemical peels, dermaroller treatment, exillis, axillary hyperhidrosis.

At Proactivhealth we conduct specialist home and environmental assessments for individuals who require specialist equipment and/or adaptations at home due to their disabling condition. We also provide advice and help them to restore independence.

We have an extended network of clinics across the country and offer assessments and treatments to people who prefer to have their treatment in the clinic. In this way, the patient is treated in a clinic within reasonable travelling distance.

We provide a psychiatric assessments to gather information about a person within a psychiatric service, with the view of making a diagnosis and recommend accurate treatment.

At Proactivhealth our highly experienced practitioners  offer Psychological assessment to help establish hypotheses about a individual  and their behavior, personality and capabilities.

At Proactivhealth we provide various Physiotherapy options to suit everyone needs. Our  treatment model uses  robust evidence based approach in providing  care and is recommended  by patients with mild to moderate musculoskeletal  conditions.

We offer therapeutic management   for individuals who have sustained a sport injury. We help them   to regain their function and help enable a swift but safe return to sporting activities.

At Proactivhealth we provide  triage and assessment for  individuals with musculoskeletal  conditions. Our highly experienced team members collect all the necessary data in order to determine the most suitable physiotherapy treatment pathway.  We aim to provide the initial assessment reports within 48 hours from the time of referral.