Physio Zone


Proactivhealth Ltd have significant experience in the delivery of high quality Physiotherapy services for people suffering with whiplash injuries secondary to road traffic accidents. By incorporating the latest technology with the knowledge and experience of an expert team, we have developed an outstanding Physiotherapy service for whiplash injuries.

Our unique approach to Physiotherapy practice was founded by clinical specialist, Kasia Czubak , and her team of specialist Physiotherapists and healthcare researchers who work alongside an inhouse team of IT Consultants. The Proactivphysio is a unique approach to Physiotherapy practice for whiplash injury. It offers a patient-centred approach, including individualised triage, assessment and treatment, taking into consideration individual preferences in terms of therapy forms and modalities, convenient locations and times of consultation.

Through Our online platform all our corporate customers can login to their own personal area and see a individualised desktop that shows clients reports, track patient progress, analyse company effectiveness.

Kasia Czubak, Director of Proactivhealth and founder of Proactivphysio said, “In the last 5 years we have been working tirelessly to discover trends in the whiplash claims industry and In the last 12 months we streamlined operations between referrers (insurance, law or medical firms), clinicians and patients by creating our inhouse online Proactivphysio platform.“ Kasia added, “In last 6 months Proactivphysio software has demonstrated the innovation and excellence in response to physiotherapy practice for whiplash injury. Our therapies introduces high standards and a totally new approach improving patients’ care, time and cost savings and we have always been highly rated by our corporate customers and patients”.

Our Unique approach to Physiotherapy practice for whiplash injuries has been recently awarded Innovation And Excellence Award 2017 for our Physiotherapy Solutions.