Anna Damek

Clinical Specialist and Quality Representative

Anna is a specialist physiotherapist who qualified in 2008 and is a member of the CSP and HCPC. Anna has over seven years of experience working for NHS services such as Active Recovery and Integrated Care Team – Therapy treating patients in community with often complex health conditions including: orthopaedics, neurology and musculoskeletal medicine. She is an active member of in- service committee and regularly delivers teaching sessions to staff and students.

Anna is highly interested in the sports therapy and as a result of this it has become a significant part of her physiotherapy career. She was a physiotherapist for Molton and Norton Rugby Union Team that involved her treating acute musculoskeletal conditions and managing the players in their recovery process.

Currently Anna works part time in academy of Sheffield United Football Club providing trauma management and physiotherapy during the trainings, matches and in the football clinic. She delivers treatment for acute sport injuries and manages footballers in returning to play. Alongside this she undertakes ongoing CPDs, follows and appraise evidence based practice.

As a part of her postgraduate studies Anna is actively involved in the research and audit projects in NHS. These include evaluation of outcome measures used by clinical staff, reviews of evidence based practice on clinical and organisational levels. At present Anna is researching the influence of adherence to physiotherapy on the final therapy outcomes.

Anna has special interest in pain management, adherence to therapy, research and evidence base practice in physiotherapy. She applies this knowledge into ProactivHealth programme by overlooking the standards and quality of therapy intervention provided. These include reviews of recent guidelines, critical appraisal of evidence in physiotherapy and psychology such as new treatments and use of outcome measures.